TEN - The Erotic Networks

The Erotic Networks proudly introduces you to our new cross channel campaign

Airing cross channel is the most effective marketing tactic available to maximize your adult revenue. It is a low cost and simple means of reaching your potential adult viewers.

Nearly half of our affiliates regularly use our cross channel spots, including leading cable and satellite operators. They recognize the high return this easily implemented tactic can deliver.

Cross channel marketing is effective when using the following recommendations:

  • Consistent weekly schedule of 250-500 spots
  • ROS scheduling for maximum reach
  • Air branded spots all day or minimum of 10pm-6am
  • Air Parental Control & Discreet Billing spots anytime of the day due to the PSA message to customers
  • Insert on networks favoring a male demographic

Systems who implemented a cross channel marketing campaign experienced an average growth in buy rates of over 6%.

growth in buy rates of over 6%.

*results from a top 5 MSO system representing 335,000 subscribers



Our most recent campaign for The Erotic Networks gives a humorous wink towards some of the most common adult entertainment "setups".
Spots can be customized for any single or multiple brand lineup.

  • > Full Service

  • > Couple Interrupted

  • > Hot Pizza

  • > Casting Couch


These spots create a sexy twist amidst everyday mis-en-scéne.
Customizable for any combination of products.

  • > Librarian

  • > Office

  • > Underwater


Viewers are surprised, then entertained by a commercial jingle-man
who understands what kind of programming they're looking for.

  • > Bachelor

  • > Couple


These spots function as public Service Announcements, informing customers of the added
privacy and protection services available for adult programming. Spots can be tagged with any relevant Provider or Product info.

  • > Parental Control

  • > Discreet Billing


An irreverent comparison of the financial and emotional costs of dating vs. relaxing with some good ol' fashioned adult entertainment. Spot is customizable for any brand.


Spots created to promote attributes of specific products. ALL MALE spot can be customized for any Gay brand.

  • > 4 Channel Suite

  • > Juicy

  • > Real

  • > All Male

Things You Won't See

These cross channel spots contrast what you WON'T find on Hustler TV with what you WILL find. Spots can be tagged with any Provider or Product info.

  • > Things You Won't See

  • > Audition

  • > Clarinet

  • > Mime

  • > Questions